“I create art that represents a surreal view of nature where the inhabitants observe unnamed events."

Wayne Paige has been exhibiting his art since 1972. The artist grew up in Chicago and currently shares his time between Middleburg, Virginia and Washington, D.C. With 21 one-person art shows to his credit, Paige has exhibited his artwork in galleries and museums locally and nationally (The Corcoran Museum, The Anderson Gallery, American University Art Museum at The Katzen Arts Center...). His art received recognition by local and national publications (Art in America, The Washington Post...) and is included in numerous public and private collections. The artist also recently received recognition by having one of his works included in the "Washington Art Matters II: 1940s - 1980s” exhibition at the American University Museum. Paige also received several awards including First Prize in The Fairfax Art Council awards, First Prize in The George Washington University Alumni Competition and a Special Recognition award from The Virginia Commission of the Arts.

Thomas Spande, Rappahannock News,
“Wayne Paige’s amazing pen and ink drawings at the Middle Street Gallery present an idiosyncratic vision so compelling rendered that a skeptical viewer can become engrossed in no time at all”

Claudia Rousseau, Montgomery Gazette,
“drawings..technically brilliant… they look more like etchings than pen drawings… where the concentration of flowing lines holds the viewer more completely in its thrall”

Steven Kenny, Rappahannock News,
“Paige’s choice of a black and white palette is brilliant. This is a world of sharp edges, abrupt contrasts and no choices…….is a master at creating suspense..

London Art News, Jan. 2007,
“Wayne Paige’s pegs”….along comes something fresh and striking…oil painting is a unique vision..

Jo Ann Lewis, Washington Post,
“.. Social surrealism- social comment inspired by some of fearsome aspect of contemporary life… can be most provocative and rewarding.

Maggie Wolf-Peterson, elan,
“Within his own oeuvre, Wayne explores art that is both silly and somber, explosive and contained….gone through the transformation from super-realism to surrealism to outright fantasy, with a little twist of social commentary.”

For further information see www.waynepaige.com