“Conflict, dreams and humor are woven into my art portraying encroachment of the natural world by a new age of techno-colonialism. Over the years, my sources of inspiration have taken many paths beginning with my childhood in Chicago and fascination with 1950’s sci-fi comics, movie posters, and time spent at a local amusement park. Later, I became intrigued with and influenced by the art of Jean Dubuffet, M.C. Escher and the Chicago Imagist school.”

Wayne Paige has been exhibiting his art since 1972 and currently shares his time between Middleburg and Washington, DC. With 24 solo exhibitions to his credit, Paige has exhibited his artwork in galleries and museums locally and nationally, including the Corcoran Museum, The Anderson Gallery, and the American University Art Museum at The Katzen Arts Center. His art received recognition by local and national publications, including Art in America and The Washington Post. Paige also received several awards including First Prize in The Fairfax Art Council awards, First Prize in The George Washington University Alumni Competition and a Special Recognition award from The Virginia Commission of the Arts.


For further information see waynepaige.com

"Flowing From Above"

"The One That Got Away"

"A Need To Be Oblivious" $425

"Sanctuary"  $325

"Where Are They Going?"  

"The Nurture Of It" 

"The Fall"

"A Recent Encounter"

"Don't Fence Me In"

"Let It Go"