Currently the Gallery actively seeks new members.

The successful applicant will be a practicing professional artist or serious amateur, with a strong and clear artistic vision, a demonstrated level of mastery in their chosen medium.

Membership Privileges:

1.  Be part of a community of dedicated artists who support and encourage each other’s development and success
2.  Have at least three pieces of art in the display bin at the gallery at all times, and a display book on the shelf behind the sitter's desk
3.  Have a solo show at least every 3 years, and participate in a duo show or minishow at regular intervals
4.  Enjoy opportunities throughout the year to be part of group shows at the gallery
5.  Benefit from the broad exposure afforded by our location in Washington, VA

Membership Responsibilities:

1.  Annual membership dues are $770 a year, with a minimum of $55 a year. A member may pay full dues or fulfill this responsibility by a combination of paying dues and gallery sitting, up to a maximum of 13 times a year. The daily rate for gallery sitting is $55
2.  The gallery commission rate on sold work is 35% of its price before taxes 
3.  All Members are responsible for specific task(s) and are part of one of the committees that operate the gallery
4.  Members attend meetings on zoom or when scheduled in person.
5.  Members attend receptions when scheduled.
6.  Members keep informed of gallery business by reading minutes and e-mails

To apply to become a Member:

Send the following to the Chair of the Membership Committee

1.     A completed application form -  CLICK HERE  
2.    3-5 images of recent work - listed to include dimensions and medium for each image
3.    An artist statement
4.    A brief bio
5.    A link to your personal website, or one in which in which photos and a description of you         and your work are included

You may download the application form, fill it out and either scan or photograph it and email it together with digital copies of the other materials required, or send everything in paper form:

Digital to:
Joan wiberg

540-341-7660 (home)

540-359-0491 (cell)

Paper version:

to our mailing address: Middle Street Gallery PO Box 345 Sperryville, VA 22740

The members will consider on the basis of these materials whether a candidate should be admittted to the next and final step of the application process, which involves jurying the actual work and interviewing the candidate.




The Middle Street Gallery is an artist-owned gallery run by its members. It was established in 1983 and is located at 311 Gay Street, Lower Level, facing Main Street & across from Ballard’s in the town of Washington, Virginia and is open fri - sun 11 am - 5 pm..

The Gallery's mission is to support quality and innovation in the arts and to promote its members work. As a non-profit cooperative, it also strives to foster interaction and collaboration among members and non-member artists and the general public. 

Members' work includes all aspects of the fine arts: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, mixed-media, photography; the gallery also embraces new developments in art-making.