In the late '60s during a USAF tour of duty in the Far East I learned the essentials of still photography as well as the fundamentals of sumi-e (Japanese ink painting), and the tenets of Zen. Following military service and subsequent studies for a degree in communications, I pursued a career in broadcast video production where composing and editing the moving image not only demanded extensive photographic expertise but practical knowledge of all aspects of TV production. Although much creative energy is tapped for producing, directing and scripting, my true artistic calling was not fully realized in the commercial video arena. I attained complete artistic freedom through independent video art projects and digital print making. Since retirement from broadcasting I now focus on these endeavors daily, with maximum focus on the latter. 

Artist's Statement:
To experience the big picture, a body of work spanning over two decades, including abstracts, digital photographic collages and video art, please visit my website: http://www.central-control.com. The images you see on this page spotlight current work from the Bardo project which presents positive, meditative, abstract works about transcendence. These archival pigment prints are comprised of high energy fractal renderings superimposed over still-framed video feedback backgrounds, some fused with aerial photography or other natural sources. If that's a bit much to contemplate, all one needs to know is that this series was inspired by levels of being and states of consciousness rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. As you look deeper into each composition, your mind will hopefully transcend mundane concerns and, even if just for a moment, approach a deeper level.