My paintings are still moments which are acquired on the move, from glimpses out of train windows, in rear-view mirrors, or early sunlight in a glade or reflections in plate-glass windows or gas stations at dusk. These moments are embodied but not depicted.

I am seeking arrangements of colour of a particular precision, for a particular moment that I have seen and noted.
The biography of my travels allows me to make decisions about the visual effects before my eyes, but otherwise remains unknown. Painting is all about making visual decisions. In this way my painting comes from the world around me. I paint with acrylics on stretched canvas, acrylics on found wood, and with watercolours on hand-made paper.

Philip currently has a show in the Gallery, entitled "Mighty Dog and Finch - a journey unfolding", running from May 24 to June 16. The Opening Reception is on June 1, from 3-5pm.

Here is Philip's statement for his show:

“Starting with a small pencil drawing made on site, one thing leads to another, following diversions, entering cul-de-sacs, missing turnings and circling about because in painting you have to deal with what you don’t know. The journey may lead on, but there is no known destination. In the present instance, Mighty Dog led me on for 24 years. Bloddo Robert was worked on for 36 days between August 13 and December 19 2018, and on nine of those days a total of 91 colours were changed.”

Sometimes we perceive, sometimes we receive and sometimes we respond ...

it is all the same reality" - Agnes Martin