I spent my childhood drawing atop the stack of canoes at my family’s outfitters. Growing up, the forest and river were my playgrounds. My sister and I raced barefoot, skipped stones, discovered history, and fought battles with mud. My oil paintings are an exploration of my childhood landscapes, where the Shenandoah Valley cultivated my imagination.

My paintings aim to reconnect people with our rural landscapes and teach them the importance of preservation. My work has been exhibited in Vermont and Virginia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Green Mountain College, an environmental liberal arts college. I also broadened my artistic talents while studying abroad at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. I can often be found exploring the Shenandoah Valley, gathering inspiration. I create my paintings in “plein air” and in the studio. My studio works are inspired by photographs and sketches from my adventures. Art is constantly developing in my mind and taking over my senses. I open the front door, explore the land, and drift into an imaginative state.

For more information see http://www.katrinaannart.com