Bob Bouquet - Recent Sculpture

September 28-October 28, 2018

Reception: Saturday, October 13, 3-6pm

Bouquet is a self-taught sculptor working in the “taille-directe,” or direct carving method.  He uses some power tools for rough cutting the stone blocks, but mostly uses hammer and chisel and other hand tools for fine shaping and finishing. “The physical effort of carving stone is part of what has drawn me to this form of art,” he says. He began sculpting in wood some 40 years ago but now works mostly in black soapstone, quarried in central Virginia, and in Italian marble and alabaster.

Also exhibiting are the Gallery's four most recent members (photos below from left to right):

Anita Zymolka Amrhein

German-born Zymolka Amrhein, now of Boston, VA, works in watercolors depicting motives of nature.

Rebecca Bourne Graham

Bourne Graham, from Markham, VA, paints large-scale portraits about capturing the fleeting moments in life.

Linda Croxson and Philip Ward

Abstract painters Croxson and Ward have painted in Rappahannock County for more than 10 years and at Hatbrim House Studio in Slate Mills since 2016.