September 15 - October 22

opening reception: 

Saturday, September 16, 3-5pm


Saturday, October 14, 4-5pm

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Artist Statement:

For the past couple of years I have been more interested in the formal aspects of painting, the making of a painting as opposed to the making of a picture. Simplification of forms, use of unfamiliar color harmonies, and expressive brushwork to convey the moment’s energy have been conscious goals for each painting. As my days unfold and I juggle the responsibilities about our home, I try to find several hours a day to draw or paint. At times I paint from memory, as I live in this house I grew up in, with all the memories of decades of family energy and the quiet hours. I also work from life. Family, friends, dogs and cats, flowers, and the familiar fields about our house always provide immediate inspiration. The hours that I paint are quiet hours. Often, my subjects are quietly pursuing a daily task or habit. The flower images are of flowers I grow and my sister arranges. They are part of the quiet beauty that enrich the hour.