The current show concentrates on two artists: 

Marilyn Hayes and Jane Forth

Wax Monotype and Work in Encaustic

June 23-July 30, 2017

Opening Reception on Saturday, July 8, 3-5pm


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Marilyn Hayes and Jane Forth exhibit work in encaustic, a medium comprised of heated colored beeswax.  Both artists follow a similar interest in imagery and creative process where the allowing of accident and discovery is important to the work.  Their shared interest in ancient myths, symbols and sacred art resonates in this medium for its invention by the Ancient Greeks and practice by the Romans.

In her abstract landscapes, Jane Forth uses a process of brushing, pouring and carving into the wax, fusing glazes of wax that give the surface translucent depth. Marilyn Hayes has a different approach.  She draws with colored wax blocks on a heated metal plate and transfers the image to thin sheets of mulberry paper.  This process is known as Encaustic Monotype.

Jane Forth Biography

Jane Forth lives in rural Virginia and paints this environment of the Blue Ridge Mountains from study, memory and imagination. The vision of her work relates to interest in biodynamic gardening and its connection of earth, agriculture and cosmos. She has a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and exhibits her work in the greater Washington DC area as well as Middle Street Gallery.


Marilyn Hayes Biography

Marilyn Hayes lives in Arlington, Virginia, and has a second home in Madison County, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. She completed her studies at the Washington Studio School in 1999.  She has also continued in-depth studies of ancient mythology.  To further her vision in her work, she travels in Crete to study the Minoans and their relationship to nature.  She exhibits her work in the greater Washington DC area as well as in Virginia.