My formal photographic education was at Palomar College in San Marcos, California from 1969 to 1972. My first professional job was Photographer/Public Relations Assistant with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority from 1973 through 1981, at which time I was selected for the position of University Photographer at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and soon attained the position of Assistant Director for Photography in the Office of University Relations. Then, in 1988, I transitioned into educational television production with the startup of George Mason University Television first as a Producer/Director, and then later selected to be the studio’s first Production Manager in 1993. Eventually, after a total of seventeen years at GMU, I left to start my own solo freelance photography business in 1998.

While working at George Mason, I lived in Centreville, Virginia, moved to Falls Church, Virginia in 1999, and eventually relocated to beautiful Rappahannock County, Virginia in 2002 to experience a more relaxed and nature-immersed environment.

Now “officially retired” I am more involved with Photography than ever, doing better work and loving it more! My one-time profession has become my passion. In addition, I enjoy light gardening, occasional hiking and taking in the musical and cultural events around our region as often as possible. In the near future I hope to travel around the United States and, one day, Europe.

Artist’s Statement

“My current work is centered largely around natural subjects, with an emphasis on simplicity in concept and execution. I have also created a substantial amount of abstract work using newer techniques such as “tossed camera” which incorporates intentional camera movement and blur to achieve artistic interpretation. Recently I have begun exploring the world of composites where more than one image are combined to make a unified statement.”

“I take my raw photographic images into the “Digital Darkroom” that consists of Photoshop along with other forms of digital image processing and then to desktop inkjet printing to try and distill my visual concepts beyond what the camera and human eye can see. I consider Digital Imaging to be a new artistic media dwelling outside the boundaries, yet combining, both photography and traditional drawing/painting. My current ambition is to immerse myself in this twenty-first century art form, assist in its artistic evolution and promote the creation of physical manifestations of images that only exist in the mind of the artist and adventurous beholder… then share those visions with an ever more appreciative audience.”